Beauty week at insta (evassolarz)

1. Wearing hoop earings for the first time since 2010? 2009? 2008?!
2. Sudden realization, I am going to have glitter all over my apartment. Fail.
3. Ran outside for one hour two summer evenings ago.
4. Summer morning
5. Played with a photoapp some nights ago. That's how my tattoo looked after the first session.
6. Haha some days ago the weather changed dramatically so my adorable mom
bought me a sweater at Monki's sale. It was sooooo cold!
7. My makeup some days ago. Blue/greyish eyes with pink lips :)
8. Me and my sis! Without the glasses we don't look a like at all.
But when you can't see our eyes, you can really tell that we are sisters!
9. Haha motivation ;) 10. Sunset view from my balcony.


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