Front Cover post 2.0. + eyeprimer info

When I was taking a shower the eyeshadows to the left with the shadowbase didn't came off! Another reason to wear eyeprimer/shadowbase.
I had to use makeup remover to clean my arm.

The waterdroplets stayed on the eyeshadows instead of washing them away (like the ones to the right without the shadowbase). So it's extra good to use eyeprimer/shadowbase on a rainyday!

Other reasons to use eyeprimer/shadowbase:
•Eyemakeup stays on muuuuch longer.
•No eyeliner line by the crease.
•No eyeshadow line in the crease.
•The pigments in the shadows becomes more bright/intense.
•Easier to apply shadows and get a nice even look.

There are a lot of really good eyeprimers from different brands at Sephora.


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