This is me...well not the whole story

I was born to be creative.
I LOVE everything (I think) that you can
connect with the word "beauty". Makeup,
photography, fashion, u name it!

My real name is not Chuck...
and especially not with two "u" ;)
My real name is Eva, Chuck comes from
"Gossip Girl", an in-joke between me and
a friend (who I ofcourse call Blair).

I blog because I want to inspire people
and to be able to see myself develop all the time.
It's also fun for me to save all the things that
inspires me etc. 

I started to write in English
because i discovered that there's people who doesn't 
speak Swedish ;) Pretty much every single country except
Sweden ofcourse. So yes, there might be spelling mistakes etc.

I hope you will enjoy my blog!

Want to contact me?

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