Last night I used Sampar's So Much Dew Midnight Mask. Today my skin feels rehydrated and fresh.

So Much To Dew Midnight Mask
"So Much To Dew Midnight Mask is a uniquely concentrated* skin care 
that nearly perfectly mimics the skin’s original hydrating film.
Amazing! Starting from the first night, this mask replenishes your skin,
soaking it in freshness31% more moisturization** in 1 hour:
instantly quenched, your skin is plumped, supple and younger-looking.
From the first nights of use, the skin is more hydrated: 86.5%***,
softer: 94.6%***, suppler: 97.3%*** upon waking !

So Much To Dew Midnight Mask 
is suitable for 
dry skinnormal skincombination skin,oily skin and sensitive skin

* 93% of actively hydrating molecules. *
* Corneometric testperformed with 17 volunteers. 
*** Percentage of users who tested the product.
Satisfaction test performed with 40 volunteers."


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