Natural fresh

I love using blush and bronzer as eyeshadow because they give
a natural warm look and also gives an over all whole look to
the face since you also can use the colours on cheeks and lips.
Some products that I use as eyeshadows:
Sephora's bronzer Moyen Medium & Aruba
Make Up Store's bronzer Sun, blush Must Have & blush Peach
MAC's Mineralize Blush Warm Soul 
These colours can also be used for a nice fun party-makeup. 
Just add some darker eyeshadows like Urban Decay's eyeshadow palette Smoked.
You can make a very nice smokey-eyes look with some black, dark brown or
plum colours. Make your eyes look more intense by adding a black eyepencil 
around the whole eye and add some false eyelashes.

Postat av: Cajsa

guuuud va fiiin sminkning! :O :D

2013-06-18 @ 23:49:30

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